Terms & Conditions


The number of revisions each individual/customer gets is based on the package ordered from the Logo Design Mavericks website. The customers can demand as many revisions as stated in their respective packages. One of the main focuses of Logo Design Mavericks is to provide customers with 100% satisfaction. For that matter, we offer unlimited free revisions to achieve this objective unless the customer sticks to the original brief and the initial requirements remain the same. In case of a change in requirements, or customer demanding revision after the acceptance of the initial design, or a change of mind or disagreement with the partner, the revisions will no longer be entertained. The turnaround time for revision will be two (2) business days or 48 business hours.


The refund request is valid under conditional circumstances. The request for a refund will be nullified in the following cases;

  • A special deal package is purchased.
  • The initial concept/design was approved previously.
  • Cancellation has been made for a reason other than work-related.
  • No response was received from the client for 2 weeks after the order placement.
  • The customer has violated a clause(s) of the policy.
  • Another company/designer has been approached for the same project for the purpose of claiming a refund.
  • The creative brief is missing the must-know information from the client’s end.
  • A complete design revamp is demanded.
  • The business is near closure, changing the name or changing the nature of business.
  • ‘Change of mind’, ‘disagreement between parties’ or similar reasons are being given for refund claims.
  • If the customer has purchased a bundle/combo package but the customer is dissatisfied with any particular service, the customer will only be eligible for a refund pertaining to that particular service only, and not the entire bundle.
  • The refund will not be entertained after 15 days have passed from the date of purchase.
  • Some services that are budget-intensive including, but not limited to, social media marketing, SEO, domain registration and web hosting, will not be eligible for a refund under any given circumstance.
  • If the customer has purchased a web design and development service, and the design has been approved with the next step of the website being sent to development, the refund request will not be entertained after the approval of the layout design/mockup.
  • Note: Logo Design Mavericks exclusively reserves all the rights to reject any refund request or cancel the contract at any time deemed suitable without any prior notice or reasoning. After the refund is claimed, the ownership of the designs will be transferred to Logo Design Mavericks and the user will have no right over the created designs. The designs will be the sole property of Logo Design Mavericks.


To claim your refund, you can contact our customer support through the following ways; our team will guide you through the refund collection process.

  • Call us on our toll-free number +61 480 098 578
  • Connect with our representative on live chat
  • Send us an email using the following email address: [email protected]
  • Once we receive your refund request, we will get back to you at the earliest. Once we have completed the inspection process and analysis, the refund process will be initiated. Once you have been entitled to a refund, all the ownership rights of created designs will be transferred to Logo Design Mavericks and this information shall and will be submitted to the Copyright Acquisition of IP USA to maintain transparency and legality.


    Logo Design Mavericks follows a 100% guaranteed satisfaction policy and for this purpose, we always make sure to provide the customer with the best customer service. We always place customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our designs are 100% original, plagiarism-free and customized to the customer’s requirements.

  • The unlimited revisions policy is applicable here and we provide revisions until the customer is completely satisfied with designs barring the changes in initial requirements.
  • We aim to exceed expectations at all times and strive for the achievement of this particular aim at all times.

    The turnaround time varies according to the package selected by the customer. Standard turnaround time is followed which is 2 days for a logo design and 5 days for a website. We also offer rush/urgent orders. In case of rush/urgent orders, please contact our support team for pricing and additional guidelines.


    We strive for customer excellence at all stages of our work process ensuring complete client satisfaction. Our team of expert, creative and professional designers will give it their all to exceed your expectations. We believe in 100% original designs and content, so our prime focus is to provide the best-in-class design with each of them being custom-made and plagiarism-free.


    When the website you have asked us to design is completed and you are completely satisfied with it, the ownership rights along with all the credentials are transferred to you immediately unless otherwise, the payment is outstanding. Once the dues are cleared, you become the rightful owner of the design. The website design can be used as per your liking, will or any purpose you want. Regardless, the ownership rights of media, material, content and any material generated for revisions are with Design Vikings and we reserve all exclusive rights for it.


    Logo Design Mavericks will and shall not be responsible for creating and population content (images and texts) on the website unless the customer has purchased the content development service separately. The web design/development package does not include the option for content creation and population in this entirety. If the customer purchases a package for content development separately;

  • Logo Design Mavericks will provide content which will be exclusive to the website and will be brand-centric. The ownership rights will only be transferred after the content development has been fully executed.
  • The stock images will be added to the layout which is included in the website design/development package purchased. Before any purchase of a stock image is made, the customer will be required to provide approval for the image. The products/services to be added to the website will be provided by the customer.

    In relation to data processing of managers and contractors:

  • We do not share, sell or rent out information of any kind (personal, non-personal or transaction) to any third-party services. All the information is kept confidential and secure at all times without any compromise because we value your privacy to the fullest.
  • Before project initiation, both parties are involved in a contract. The contract explicitly states that when the project is completed, both the parties including Design Vikings and customers shall respect each other as entities and will not intentionally defame or damage the reputation resulting from matters that arise after project completion and outside the working dimension sphere.
  • Logo Design Mavericks fully take the liability and responsibility for itself as well as all its associated stakeholders including directors, employees, officers and all other related affiliates not involved in any defamatory case with the client or passing derogatory remarks about the client. Customers are also notified not to be involved in any immoral activity with the affiliated parties of Logo Design Mavericks to ensure that no unethical practices are promoted and both parties are protected.

    Logo Design Mavericks maintain all the records of past work done with the client for 1 year. The data is kept in a privately owned secure server protected by a password having only authorized personnel have access. If the customer misplaces a file or the order has been lost, the backup data is kept to provide the source files to the user again. The relevant files are sent to the account of the customer from which the order was made, or the email address which was used as a point of communication. Proof of payment, complete delivery and order details should be shown to receive the files again.


    Our team works tirelessly to serve you at all times. Our customer support is available 24/7 to help you with any query and provide maximum assistance to guide you in any work-related matter or answering any query/question. Our working hours are Monday to Friday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. where we readily respond to your live chat, calls and emails. In case you require special assistance from our customer support team, leave an email with your concern and we will get back to you in the earliest possible manner.


    Logo Design Mavericks is a digital solutions provider catering to all online digital solutions including web logos, content, animations etc. Sometimes, the packages purchased by customers involve the attainment and usage of technical knowledge to set up emails and operate the website. Logo Design Mavericks are only responsible for providing basic information on technical aspects as well as settings that are the primary base for the required services to work. Logo Design Mavericks are not liable for providing full-fledged training, installation and demonstration of the technical aspects related to website functionality etc. The services mentioned above are as follows;

  • Deployment
  • The website deployment is done in two ways
  • The hosting server is provided by Logo Design Mavericks
  • If the client has selected to purchase hosting service from Logo Design Mavericks, no additional charges are made. The hosting service is acquired from a third party.
  • The hosting server is provided by the client
  • If the client has already purchased a hosting service, the website is deployed live. Logo Design Mavericks will not be responsible for hosting-related issues.
  • Website CMS
  • A user manual related to uploading and managing the content is provided to the client
  • No specific/special training is provided to the client regarding CMS usage
  • Email Setup
  • Email setup settings are provided to the customer
  • Logo Design Mavericks is not responsible for the installation of email settings on the customer’s end
  • Technical training related to emails will not be the responsibility of Logo Design Mavericks nor shall we be responsible for any email errors. Our emails are based upon an open server accessible by multiple service providers.
  • Note: Logo Design Mavericks shall not be held accountable with regards to error or lack from the customer’s end in failing to execute, install or use the above-mentioned services in any form. Customers will wholly and solely be responsible for the installation, execution and usage of service as per their better understanding or learning by default usage.