Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

This section of the website describes in detail the privacy policy adhered to by Design Vikings (“we”, “us”, “the website”, “the company”, “agency”). We are highly committed to protecting the privacy of all of our clients and users while also keeping their personal and identifiable information safe and secure. We only collect information for transactional and informational purposes that is necessary to process the transactions between us and clients. The privacy policy exercised by Logo Design Mavericks is governed by The Privacy Act 1974 applicable in USA. The privacy policy points stated in this section are all exercisable under the federal US law stated above. The information collected by us is not shared with any other third party, organization or individual outside the company in any manner, unless specified and conditional to permission from the client’s end.

Information Collection

The information we collect from our clients includes both personal and non-personal information. The personal information is inclusive of email address, mailing address, phone number, billing information etc. (some of which is optional) which is collected through the contact us and order form. The information, however, is kept confidential as per privacy policy guidelines set in this section of the website by Logo Design Mavericks company. The client’s information is in no manner sold, disclosed, rented out or shared with any third-party sources. Also, information obtained through creative briefs shared with clients is kept confidential to keep your identity secure. Your opinions, comments, complaints and appreciation feedback are also considered part of the information that we collect from our clients. The non-identifiable information we collect includes language preference, location, IP address, browser information, operating system, and the date and time of accessing the website.

Treatment of Collected Information

The information collected is primarily used to deliver a better website experience by knowing the different customer’s preferences for products and offering similar services to them. Moreover, the billing information is collected because it is inevitable to process orders without transactional information. The email address of the customer is used for maintaining healthy communication including order status updates, comments about services, opinions on services and the delivery of the final product to the end customer. The email can also be used for promotional purposes such as marketing new offerings, website updates, and marketing promotions as well as communicating the latest trends/news within the industry. All of this together helps us to provide better services and improve our marketing strategies while also providing analytics on which products are selling better.

Payment Privacy

We ensure that all payments are made securely so that the client’s personal information is in no manner compromised. We consider and accept payments from multiple options available online. The payment processors associated with Logo Design Mavericks use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) indicated through the domain “https://” showing that the payments and information are securely transferred from one channel to another. In this context, the information of the customer is kept safe and secure in context with the privacy policy stated in this section.

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Confidentiality is a matter of concern for almost everyone in this world and Design Vikings considers the confidentiality aspect. We, in no manner or way, compromise the confidentiality of our client’s information. The personal information you provide us is only used for connecting with you regarding the order status update and processing of orders. This in turn improves the communication process and builds a healthy relationship between the agency and the client. Your name, company name, billing address, mailing address, email address, phone number, fax number etc. are kept confidential at all times and stored in a password-protected secure server only accessible by authorized personnel so that the code of confidentiality is fulfilled without any threat of being compromised, hacked or theft. It is reiterated that your personal information is not shared with any unauthorized or third-party source under any circumstance unless we have your permission or we are forced by law for transparency purposes to release the information.


In case it is necessary, Logo Design Mavericks can make amends to the privacy policy for making it more stringent to keep the privacy of our customers safe and secure. The changes made to the privacy policy are communicated to you beforehand, posted on the website or emailed to our regular customers with the updated privacy policy section.

Record Maintenance

Logo Design Mavericks maintain the record concerning the privacy policy stated within this document where we carefully keep the stored data for re-delivering the projects in case of any misplaced order. If you have lost the files or have misplaced them, you can show us the proof of delivery and payment, and that all outstanding dues are cleared. The exact files will be delivered to your account from which the order was processed and to the email used at the time of order placement. You must provide all the evidence mentioned above to get the final source files again.

Customer Support

Our customer support is available round-the-clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you have any query or concern that you would want to be entertained with, please write to us using our email, the website form or leave us a message on live chat and our representative will get back to you as soon as possible. We leave no stone unturned in assisting you with whatever problem you are facing or are looking for a free consultation. With Logo Design Mavericks, we treat all our clients equally and you are no different.

Communication Policy

The following section outlines the communication policy adopted by Logo Design Mavericks for communicating with customers through official channels and the platforms associated with Logo Design Mavericks. Explicitly, the policy understates the following key points;

  • Logo Design Mavericks are only responsible for communication done with the client through the official Logo Design Mavericks domain ( Any platform used other than shall not fall under the responsibility and obligation of Logo Design Mavericks and we shall not be held responsible in any manner for the platform stated otherwise.
  • Concerning the above point, Logo Design Mavericks shall not and will not be held responsible for harm caused to customers for using any other platform for communication other than the officiated platform of Logo Design Mavericks.
  • Logo Design Mavericks undertake full responsibility for all the information provided under the domain of and all its affiliated subsidiaries operating in other regions of the world. Any information through an unofficial domain shall not be considered authorized by Logo Design Mavericks.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns or queries regarding the privacy policy stated within this section of the website, you are always welcome to contact Logo Design Mavericks via the contact form, email or give us a call so we can get back to you.